-   Koichi Kawato 
          (character from the manga, Rookies, by Masamori Morita)


Welcome to my site. I am a writer based in Long Beach, California.  I am the author of a novella based on Bram Stoker's Dracula, titled, Sword of the Undead.  I have also written a personal finance book, titled, $10 a Day Towards, $1,000,000, and recently published  a book, titled,  Toe Up to 10K, which is about my recovery from spinal cord injury. 

My interests are eclectic, so under the "My Interests" tab, topics will be separated.  I know writers are expected to specialize in a particular type or genre, but although there are genres and topics I prefer, I would rather not be limited.  Not to compare myself to acting greats, but James Cagney did not make only gangster flicks, nor did John Wayne make only Westerns, so why should authors do the same?

In June, 2012, I came down with meningitis, and as a result, temporarily loss the use of my legs.  I wasn't guaranteed to walk again, although doctors did think that I would walk well enough after two years.  I reached that point of "well enough"  in around a year, and although I do not walk as smoothly as I did when I became ill, the visual difference is nil.  My running speed has not yet returned, but I am confident that I will be able to run as well as I did before the illness.  

Random Thoughts

Jan Zari, the LA Marathon and the City of Hope 

"Because sometimes it's nice to do things for other people." wrote Jan when he announced that he would be participating in the 2015 Los Angeles Marathon, as a relay runner and raising money for the City of Hope.

Disclosure: I know Jan personally, for we had worked together for a few years (I have since exited the workforce), and maintain contact through social media platforms.  I didn't tell Jan of this blogpost beforehand, so, "surprise." Hope you like the write-up, and if you don't, too bad.  I found your… Read more

My name is pronounced close enough 

Here is a video of Toe Up to 10 announcing it as a nominee for a Global Ebook award.

The second syllable in my last name is pronounced the same as the "jii" in Mount Fujii. However, this is the way most people tend to pronounce my last name.  I used to correct people all the time, but over the last ten years or so, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

But it's still a good video.

The Cancer Olympics or A Patient's Best Advocate 

The first book I read this year (which was the last book I was reading at the end of last year), was titled The Cancer Olympics, by Robin McGee.  The author had cancer, but because of inadequate medical care, she was not diagnosed until it reached the late stages.  To add "insult to injury," her home province of Nova Scotia did not offer the best care chemotherapy for the type of cancer she had.  In the book, McGee chronicles her battles not only with her illness, but her early medical providers, and her… Read more

Alternate dimensions and alternate universes 

Recently, I came across an article on a theory which stated that there are alternate universes and they all interact which each other, and that because some actions were different at some point, things turned out differently.

I think the article stated that such theories have been around since the 1950's.

I first came across this in the comic book world. - DC comics having re-did all their Golden Age heroes into the Silver Age, decided to have them enter each other's universe. In the DC Universe, this became… Read more

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