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          (character from the manga, Rookies, by Masamori Morita)


Welcome to my site. I am a writer based in Long Beach, California.  I am the author of a novella based on Bram Stoker's Dracula, titled, Sword of the Undead.  I have also written a personal finance book, titled, $10 a Day Towards, $1,000,000, and recently published  a book, titled,  Toe Up to 10K, which is about my recovery from spinal cord injury. 

My interests are eclectic, so under the "My Interests" tab, topics will be separated.  I know writers are expected to specialize in a particular type or genre, but although there are genres and topics I prefer, I would rather not be limited.  Not to compare myself to acting greats, but James Cagney did not make only gangster flicks, nor did John Wayne make only Westerns, so why should authors do the same?

In June, 2012, I came down with meningitis, and as a result, temporarily loss the use of my legs.  I wasn't guaranteed to walk again, although doctors did think that I would walk well enough after two years.  I reached that point of "well enough"  in around a year, and although I do not walk as smoothly as I did when I became ill, the visual difference is nil.  My running speed has not yet returned, but I am confident that I will be able to run as well as I did before the illness.  

Random Thoughts

Stretching a Thought, But is There a Ghostly orb in this photo? 

I  decided to scan an old photo of myself for a ThrowBack Thursday posting.  However, my scanner would scan in black and white, and something on the photo caught my eye.

I had always noticed in in the original color photo, but it is distinctive on the scanned black and white.

The photo is from 1989 taken with a film camera.

There is a white streak next to me, and if you follow that streak, both ways, it starts at the ceiling, and the ends with a white dot at the top right corner of the window.  I had always… Read more

paraparesis will always remind me of my connection to SCI issues 

Although I have recovered from a spinal cord injury I sustained in 2012, and to a point that those who have not met me, nor had seen me last before I had sustained the injury wouldn't guess that my spinal cord had been compromised, I still have issues - even in my legs.  I still experience spasms and cannot run fast.

But the spasms are less frequent and intense than two years ago, and at least I can run.

Generally, sports are thought about for able bodied people.  But there are adaptive sports like wheelchair… Read more

Back to Tony Robbins 

Over the weekend I decided to put in a cassette tape of one of Anthony Robbins programs which 1/2 the session consists of his topic and half consists of an interview he conducts with a self-help type of person.  I'm only two tapes in and he has spoken with Ken Blanchard of One Minute Manager and Charles Givens, the late personal finance guru. OK, so Givens has a less than desirable reputation to some people, but I never really understood the Florida fraud case in which he was sued for, and ultimately… Read more

A Boy Who Said He Went to Heaven Made it Up - I'm Mad, but not at the Boy or his Family 

When I first read the story below, I thought it was about he boy whose story was made into a movie last year.  Apparently, there were three books in circulation about boys who "visited heaven."

This book is titled, The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.  It is about a boy, Alex Malarkey, at the time, age 6, who said he went to heaven after a terrible car accident.  His father wrote a book, which eventually became a best-seller.

The boy, now 16, has retracted his story, saying that he made it up to get attention.… Read more

Martin Pistorius - Ghost Boy 

This is an incredible story, and one I wish to never experience.  Locked eye syndrome is awlful.  It is mostly associated with people who are in the later stages of ALS, but can really happen to anybody.

When he was 12 years old, Martin Pistorius suffered a mysterious ailment - to this day, it is unknown, but doctors believe it was some form of meningitis.  Anyway, he suffered from locked in syndrome, which the person is aware, but cannot move anything other than his/her eyes.

The first two years, he had… Read more

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