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        -   Koichi Kawato 
          (character from the manga, Rookies, by Masamori Morita)


Welcome to my site. I am a writer based in Long Beach, California.  I write articles that are published to AssociatedContent.com. I also have some photos available on Shutterpoint.com.  I am the author of a novella based on Bram Stoker's Dracula, titled, Sword of the Undead.  

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Click here to listen to a radio interview which aired on Nov 2, 2010

Click here to listen to a radio interview which aired August 16, 2011 (return visit to the one which aired Nov 2, 2010)


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    Random Thoughts


    It's been a busy six months since my last update.  I continue my journey to a full recovery from Spinal Cord injury. I walk a little bit faster and smoother, now.  I can even "scurry" across the street, which means my balance has also improved. Previously, I could only run indoors or on a flat surface, not an uneven surface like the street or sidewalk. 

    My comprehensive writing is on hold, though I continue to work on Toe Up to 10K.  

    New Short Story on Amazon 

    I published a short story on amazon using their Kindle Direct Platform and I really like it.  But these stories would be exclusive to them, so I'll probably use this method only for short stories.   I wrote it in first person, and its about a ninja named Kaze no Katsumi who is going home from work on the light rail train from Los Angeles to Long Beach when the zombies attack.  It's sarcastic - but all-in-fun tongue and cheek.  I think anybody who takes thebusor any other sort of mass transit will enjoy the story. 
    The story is called Zombie Brawl, or Rants and Raves of a Mass Transit Commuter the Day the Zombies Attacked the Train.  It's only 23 pages, but it is also only 99 cents.

    Almost back after a long absence 

    Soon after my last post. I came down with meningitis - and as a result, and my nerves were damaged as a result.  I spent several months in a wheelchair, and have been learning how to walk again for several months after that.  It's been almost a year, now, and I am still recovering.  I have been concentrating fully on my recovery, and have left my creative projects aside (except for in-head brainstorming) - but as I gain more strength and recover more, I hope to make use of all the pent up creativity and produce several works, both fiction and non-fiction.  

    Started a new blog 

    I started a new blog on blogger.  It's a blog I that I'm hoping to use as a vehicle to share with others about what what's on my mind, but probably, primarily to promote events, businesses, books, and such that I really like. I only have one post so far, that is reccommending the play, Three Year Swim Club, currently being staged at the David Henry Hwang Theater in Little Tokyo District of Los Angeles. The play runs until March 11, 2012.

    Please check it out: authorstevefujita.blogspot.com/

    $10 a day $1,000,000 

    $10 a Day to $1,000,000 is the name of the new book I have been working on, and should be published sometime in Spring, 2012.   It is geared towards young people to encourage them to start saving for their retirement at an early age as possible.  Also included are some money-saving tips that might be useful to all ages.

    Nikkei to Nippon Tsumani Relief Effort Pledge 

    When I first thought of this, I thought it was self serving, and it is because I'd like to increase sales of Sword of the Undead, and it's roughly 10% of my royalties, and I donated back in March, but the fact is, money is still needed for the relief effort, and people are still displaced, and it is a good cause.  I will be displaced for a few days because my home will be fumigated to kill the termites - and I think that's an inconvenience.  I can't imagine what it would be like to be displaced for months on end.  And this isn't just for the earthquake bictims of Japan, but  for refugees we see on tv in foreign countries.  I give regularly to the American Red Cross, but also want to do something extra for the tsunami relief in Japan.  I live in Long Beach, CA, a coastal community that is prone to earthquakes and possible tsunamis, and also live 50 miles from a nuclear reactor, so even though Southern California is well prepared, we all know that the Japanese are as well prepared or better than we are, so when that quake and tsunami hit, it was a real wake up call.

    I made the right decision, I know when I was watching a telecast of a Japanese amatuer singing contest called "Nodo jiman," and one of the contestants was a man displaced from his home since the quake.

    Nikkei to Nippon Tsunami Relief Pledge

    Long Beach, CA, August 2011: On March 11, 2011, a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami struck the Tōhoku region of Japan. Over 15,000 have been confirmed dead, and 5,000 are still missing. Approximately 500,000 people were displaced, many of whom continue to live in temporary living quarters.

    As relief efforts continue, more money will be needed to fund the relief effort.

    As author of the novella, Sword of the Undead, I pledge that for every 1000 new books (paperback and ebook formats) sold between August 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011, I will donate to the American Red Cross and earmark it for tsunami relief efforts in Japan (or should they not be accepting donations for that specific purpose, to be earmarked to the most needed disaster relief at that time), $100. If 100,000 new books are sold, I will double the amount to $20,000 ($100 x 100 x 2 = $20,000).

    About Sword of the Undead: In 1872, Jonathan Harker travels to Japan to inform Lord Hidetora Kageura that the castle he had commissioned to be built in Los Angeles, California was completed. Leaving Harker left for dead, Kageura moves to California. Harker’s friend Lucy dies from a mysterious ailment. Dr. Abraham Van Helsing determines Lucy died from a vampire’s bite. Harker returns to California, but now, Harker’s wife Mina, is the vampire’s target. Based on the novel, Dracula, Sword of the Undead re-tells the classic vampire tale, with a vampire lord from Japan, and introduces a new vampire slayer, legendary real life swordsman, Yagyu Jubei.

    About Steven Fujita: Steven Fujita is a regular contributor to the multi-media website, Associatedcontent.com, publishing articles on a variety of topics. He also provides DVD reviews on Amazon.com. With this novella, Sword of the Undead, Steve Fujita incorporated his interest in history, jidaideki (Japanese period drama), particularly episodic samurai drama, and the supernatural. Born in Los Angeles, Steve Fujita was raised in Torrance, and attended college in Washington, D.C. Mr. Fujita currently lives in Long Beach, California
    Website: http://www.stevenfujitaauthor.com, email: steve@stevenfujitaauthor.com